Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bahamian Balm

E and me, in our cabin on board Sky
a bit windy in Nassau but nice shot of the ship
We recently went on a cruise.  No, we did not get norovirus, there was no fire/loss of power/back up of sewage, and we did not hit any rocks/icebergs.  Neither of us got dehydrated, ill, or injured (which is saying something for us) and there was only minimal sunburn.

porthole was larger than I expected
The decision to cruise was somewhat spontaneous, though we have talked about it for 15 years.  We had been planning on returning to Los Cabos, Mexico, and already had the time off from work.  Then E said, "How about a cruise?"  He planned the whole thing.  A day and a half in Miami Beach so we had an unrushed time to unwind before embarkation.  A 4 day cruise, so if we hated it, we weren't stuck on a boat for too long.  A cruise line that allows us to be laid-back and un-fussy - no assigned dinner times, no formal wear.   It was our first cruise and it was a delight.

A couple days before our trip, I was at the dermatologist, getting a check-up on my psoriasis.  The doctor was telling me more about the condition, which had been flaring up for me quite a bit this winter.  It is an auto-immune condition and, while they don't know what causes it, there are a number of theories about things that cause flares.  She told me to try to cut back on my stress and to get some more vitamin D.  Hmmmm... sounds like a cruise to a sunny location is exactly what the doctor ordered.  After the requisite precautions about sun protection (she is a dermatologist, after all), she told me to enjoy myself and relax.

see you in a few days, Miami!

tender to Great Stirrup Cay
Great Stirrup Cay - NCL's private island with protected cove
Another view of Great Stirrup Cay - LOVED this place
Queen's staircase in Nassau (64 or 65 stairs depending on if you counted the half step at bottom)

Shuffleboard - my kind of sport
So I did. Each day of our cruise around the Bahamas, we would look at the list of activities and events we could participate in, the schedules for when each of the dining options were available and "plan" our day. Day 1 planning involved showing up for the mandatory "muster" drill to learn about the lifeboats and other safety information, and then strategically placing ourselves Fore (that's the front of the boat, for you land lubbers) on the top deck for embarkation from Miami. Planning on Day 2 was getting up early enough to have breakfast and take the first tender (little commuter boat) to the private island so we had our pick of beach chairs for the day. We brought our snorkel gear so we could paddle around a bit. We then "planned" so we had time for dinner before the show we wanted to see. Day 3 the only thing we planned was our reservation at the steakhouse on-board. There was some sight-seeing and shopping on Nassau but that was unscripted. Day 4 we ended up planning more because we realized it was our last day on the ship. We "scheduled" time for shuffleboard, reading in the quiet area of the sundeck, and attending the towel folding demonstration (I still think making an elephant, monkey or bulldog out of a towel involves mostly magic) and the crew talent and variety shows in the evening. Our biggest decisions every day were where and when to eat. We would think about where to eat lunch and dinner while we were at breakfast, where to eat breakfast the next morning while we were at dinner.
elephant towel was my favorite
bulldog towel also cute
It was very, very relaxing (even though there were more college spring-breakers than I cared for). The psoriasis on my legs and elbows is cleared. I only have a little bit of pink sunburn (and that was from walking in Miami Beach wearing a V-neck t-shirt, and not thinking that I was getting any significant sun). We ate well, slept well (the little bit of rocking of the ship was calming to me), heard a lot of great music, and enjoyed each other's company. The crew of the Norwegian Sky treated us well and we will be back.

Balm of the Bahamas - just what the doctor ordered.

Until we unwind again,
Our new place being built on Paradise Island - wanna visit?


Anonymous said...

Only 349 days until our next cruise....

Joanne Haagenson said...

It looks beautiful! I'm so glad you guys had a good time!

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