Monday, October 31, 2011

Cabbage galore

Eating: I am cleaning out the fridge.  For some people that would mean that there is meal of odds and ends of leftovers - a little meatloaf, some chicken soup, a dab of mashed potatoes, a couple spoonsful of green beans - for me today it means figuring out what to do with 3 heads of cabbage, 10 parsnips, 5 turnips and a bunch of other produce just "hanging out" in the frigo.  Our CSA ended over a week ago but I still have a bunch of things that apparently store really well (when they are so fresh to begin with, even a week or more in the fridge and they are fresher than most things at the grocery store).
With the cabbage, I have chopped it all and am first making Freezer Coleslaw.  This idea came from our CSA - I had no idea you could freezer cabbage.  This is the recipe I am using. Super easy and I plan to freeze in smaller portions so I can grab some to have with meals this winter, maybe with some BBQ ribs or pulled pork.
That takes care of about 10 C of it (I have about 30 C), so the next idea is some Weight Watchers Zero Point Soup (I think it's official name is Garden Veggie Soup or something similar to that - I have always called it Zero Point Soup).  It is very tasty and a great way to eat your veggies.  Plus it is zero points (at least it was under the old points system, though, as I understand the new system, it might still be zero points because veggies are "free"), low calorie, high fiber.  And tasty.  Did I already say tasty?  This was the "0 point" item that inspired me to ask, in a WW meeting, how many servings of something zero points per serving can be eaten before you have to count a point or two.  The answer was something about thinking why you are eating 4 servings of something, even if it is zero points, yadda yadda yadda.  That's another 5 C or so used. 
Here's another soup I would like to try sometime.  Unfortunately I do not have all the ingredients on hand.  Another day, perhaps.  Internet search for recipes often turns up a bizarre assortment of things.  For example, "Vegan Smothered Cabbage" - why would I want a vegan all over my cabbage?  And the soup recipe that calls for some beef short ribs, "preferably from a jewish butcher" - guess I am out of luck on that one (I don't think I will ask the butcher at Super Target about his religious background). 
Well, enough about cabbage.

Reading:  I am still working on Treasure Island.  I have been unusually sleepy the past few nights and fall asleep while reading more often than not.  I have only been reading maybe 5 pages before this happens.  Not because I am not interested in the book.  Just excessively sleepy.  May need to try reading during the daytime more.

Creating:  Yesterday I knit up E's new Vikings hat.  I still need to do the ear flaps and braids but it is coming along nicely.  The super bulky yarn knits really quickly.  I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to upload from the iPod. 

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