Sunday, November 09, 2003

Reading: I went to the store the other day to buy the next book for bookclub, Not All Tarts Are Apple by Pip Granger (love the title!). It was out of stock so I ordered it and then browsed. One of the little gift books on display caught my eye, AstroCats: The secrets of your cat's star sign. I picked it up and started reading the section on determining your cat's sign (when you don't know his birthday). It seemed kind of fun so, for a couple bucks, I bought it. As I was checking out, buying only Astrocats, the guy working at the checkout asked me if I found what I was looking for. I started laughing and when he looked up to figure out what I was laughing at, I said, "Yeah, because I was looking everywhere for a book on cat astrology!" Fortunately he got the humor in it and laughed too. I hate it when people don't get me. 'Cuz really I am quite amusing.

Eating: No new recipes tried lately but I see that has a recipe for Chicago-style pizza that I will try sometime soon.

I saw an excellent movie this weekend, Pieces of April. I had never heard of it but it sounded interesting and the friend I was going with was interested in it. It had Katie Holmes (for Dawson's Creek, if there are any DC fans reading this) and a small part for Sean Hayes (Jack from Will and Grace) where he was surprisingly not gay, though still very odd. Anyway, the summary in the paper was something along the lines of "Young woman cooks Thanksgiving dinner for her family and things go wrong". The summary made me think of Home for the Holidays, which I also liked very much, so I thought we would check it out. It was WONDERFUL! It was an independent film and there were some moments of shaky camera (not like Blair Witch Hunt or anything, just a couple times) but it was touching, it was funny, it was interesting. We laughed, we cried, we would go again! 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Cold Mountain the movie will be out soon (we read the book for BC, so will go see the movie and then pan it as "not as good as the book") and some other BC book will be a movie too, but I can't remember now which one. We saw Under the Tuscan Sun last month and my opinion was that not only was it not as good as the book, it was not anything the same as the book. If I could enthusiastically "thumbs-down" it, I would like to.
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