Friday, July 18, 2003

Reading: I gave up trying to find Galileo's Daughter and bought another copy for $5. I am just starting it again so I will let you know more as I read.

On my list "to read someday" are: the rest of the Anne of Green Gable series (have read the first 3), The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (I had started this, found it fascinating, had to return it to the library before I was done because some fool had placed a hold on it), Little Women (should read it, loved the movie), Wicked: The life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West (the life of the Witch before she became the WWW in Oz).

Eating: Lazy eating/cooking days lately. Last night we had frozen fish filets (after they were cooked, of course). Tonight is tacos. Summertime... and the cookin' is lazy...

Gardening: No sign of Mrs. Quackers. E cleaned up her nest and there were no eggs left in it. Apparently something got to them. I still miss seeing that crazy duck in the yard.

Another of the gardens we toured last weekend had a cottage garden in the front. It was quite overflowing, as cottage gardens tend to be, and it may have been a little much for my taste. Then on the side of the house (which was a two-story), they had built what looked like the frame of the end of a barn. It had chicken wire on the square (bottom) part of it and was covered with clematis in a variety of colors. It even had a weather vane on the peak of it Then in the back, the patio was surrounded by flowers and they had a hill that sloped up from the back yard. That hill they had planted and transformed into a waterfall (or really more of a series of smaller waterfalls). There were two winding mulched paths up to the top and a bench about half-way. It was all very beautiful and relaxing. I need a big hill... hmmmm... something to do with my rocks??

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