Monday, July 21, 2003

Reading: I did not read much this weekend. Now I am working on Management Principles and Practices. I will take the test for this next Monday and still have a lot left to read. Snooze!

Eating: Did not cook much this weekend either. What exactly did I do this weekend? We will be trying a couple new recipes in the next 2 weeks so stay tuned for more exciting food news!

Gardening: Mom says in her comments posted below that Mrs. Quackers may have laid an unfertilized clutch. Sort of a practice nest.

I finished weeding around the deck this weekend. I need to weed and mulch my strawberries. Weeding is okay sometimes. You just turn off the brain and weed.

My black-eyed Susans (rudbekia) are blooming! They contrast nicely with the hot pink Cosmos which are still blooming like crazy--I love them for that.

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