Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nifty Knitty Gifts

Me with a fuzzy hat.  And E with a fuzzy face.
scarf for a penguin who joined a choir of nuns

To keep my cellphone warm?
Creating: As you may know, I am a nutty knitter.  I like to knit not only traditional items such as blankets, sweaters, scarves, hats, mittens, and socks, but I also love to make kind of quirky things, too.  Sometimes I have a pattern but often I do not.  Sometimes I give these as gifts to people I think will appreciate them.  One such project was a cell phone cozy that looks like a cat.  I made one for my sister (a fellow fan of orange cats) and then had to make one for myself too.  Unfortunately, I now have a smart phone and it is too big for the cozy.  Guess I will need to make a new one!

Are we the only people to top the Christmas tree with a hat?
I also like hats and have given many family members these over the years.  Some of my favorites are the cat hat (again for my sister), Vikings hat for E, and various hats inspired by Scandinavian patterns.  I even made a hat for our Christmas tree.  It didn't start out as a hat for a tree but that is another story...

I've gifted knitted baby hats for countless infants, fuzzy blankies for a couple, and a hooded sweater for a dear friend when she turned one.  I am inconsistent with acknowledging births with knitted gifts and know there are friend who are still "due" a knitty gift.  I am working on it!

Wrister for my sister

Recent knitty gifts for Christmas included fingerless gloves/wristers/wristlets for Mellie who is always cold lately and has been pulling her sleeves down over her wrists.  The yarn is a super soft bulky.  It looks a bit blue in the photo but is actually a purple named "grape".  We found the thumb hole a bit large on the first one so I made it smaller on the second one.

Stitch detail on infinity scarf - seed stitch
One way to wear the scarf
I also made my version of an infinity or circle scarf for an adorable twelve-year-old I know.  I am in the model in the photos, though.  I love the versatility of these scarves and this yarn is super soft (also bulky weight).  My sister-in-law saw the photos of this and immediately placed an order for one of her own.
infinity scarf, unwrapped

Until we knit again,


Anonymous said...

I think Christmas tree hats are going to be the next big thing to sweep the nation - you should start mass producing now to stay ahead of demand....


mom said...

watch out with your new ideas, they can take over your life!! I love the infinity scarf!

Joanne Haagenson said...

BTW, thank you for the scarf you made for Mckenzie, it was perfect!

Also, I think you should knit matching hats for you and Eric. :D

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