Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zinnia

Weeding: We have reached the end.  This is the last post in the A-Z Challenge.  I will reflect on the challenge later this week, on what I liked, what I struggled with, what I would do differently and what I would keep the same.  But right now, Z is for Zinnia.

'Profusion Cherry' photo from
There are not usually many zinnias in my garden, but the one kind I have grown, Zinnia Elegans 'Profusion Cherry' and 'Profusion Orange I like. They are tough little plants, which can take the heat, and do well without much watering.  I have mainly grown them in containers on the deck or front steps. The flowers last for a long time and the plants get nice and full.

To me, the purpose of annuals is for color when the perennials are not yet blooming.  But I don't tend to grow a lot of annuals.  The two main reasons for this are: I am cheap, and I am lazy.  Annuals usually need to be purchased every year.  A person could start them from seed, which would be cheaper, but them you either have to a) start them inside early and plant them out when they are ready (and the weather is right) or, b) sow the seeds directly outside and then wait for them to come up.  Planning ahead and waiting are not 2 things that I care for.  So, I would typically buy them at the garden center (spending money for plants that are guaranteed to die in the fall), and then would have to plant them all.  So I save annuals for containers, and have significantly scaled back on those now as well, since the perennials are starting to fill in so nicely.  I like geraniums (Pelargonium), dusty miller, zinnias, pansies, and a few others.

What's blooming now in the garden?  Glad you asked.  Here are some photos taken yesterday.  Enjoy and let me know what you thought of the A-Z challenge! 
new little irises - free from the plant swap last spring

The vinca is blooming in the stump garden

Bleeding heart shrubs (seriously - they are huge!) in the stump garden

Front garden - mini daffodils and hyacinth with creeping Jenny and Lamb's ear

Until we weed again,


Ruth said...

I love flowers. I have a vegetable garden, but not flowers. I have a hard time with them for some reason. I am more a perennial person too. One time my dad gave my an amaryllis and I planted it- did great. Fall came and I forgot to dig it up.
Those are lovely pictures!

Lynn Proctor said...

i missed these the other day---what beautiful flowers---makes me want to garden this weekend!

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