Friday, August 15, 2003

Hello! did anyone miss me?

Reading: I had to return Hillary's book unfinished. Someday, perhaps, I will pick it up again. Since we were in Chicago this weekend and have been busy since then, the only thing I have read in the last week is a map.

Eating: We had some really good pizza in Chicago at Gino's East. It seems to be a chain, at least within Chicago. Yummy deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza. If you are ever in the Windy City, be sure to check it out. Speaking of the Windy City, did you know that nickname has nothing to do with the weather? Seems it refers to some blowhard politicians. I can't remember what they were campaigning for (maybe to get the World's Fair to be in Chicago?) but they talked and talked until finally the committee (or whoever) said, "Fine!" and let them have whatever it was they were asking for. Thus, the Windy City. I learned that on the audio tour we had at "Big John"--John Hancock Building, that is.

Gardening: Oh, how they wither and fade! Some of the plants are doing okay (the hanging geraniums, for example) but others, like the impatiens are not liking this dry dry weather. I got a few more berries on my strawberries, though someone, or something, ate them while I waited for them to fully ripen. Same thing always happens with my apple tree too.

Yesterday, I had a garage sale. Today, I am not. Tomorrow I will again. I didn't want to be out there alone today. I made $18.80 yesterday. Considering the most expensive item I sold was $2, I would say that is not too bad. I am just glad to be rid of some of this stuff!

Today, I am painting. Over the weekend, we purchased bookshelves, CD shelves and a TV stand (they call it a TV bench) at Ikea. There are 5 bookcases, including a corner unit so it will fill up the area in our TV room downstairs where there was a hodge-podge, mismatch of shelves and other things to store our books, games, CDs and videos. So Monday, I took all the stuff out of the old shelves. Then we decided we should paint that wall now, before we get all the shelves in there. It has never been painted since we moved in and is kind of scuffed and scribbled and dirty from the previous owners. So Tuesday I painted the slanty wall under the stairs and that night, we moved the other shelves out of the area. Wednesday I was busy with garage sale stuff, Thursday was the sale. So today, I will paint that area. Hopefully then over the weekend, we can set up the shelves and fill them. We will paint the rest of the room later. I always love how these projects multiply.

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