Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Reading: Yesterday I finished The Handmaid's Tale. Can I just say again what a terrific, interesting book that is?

I have now started the selection for next book club, Undaunted Courage. I look forward to reading this rather daunting tome because I like Lewis and Clark, probably partly because my grandparents live in "Lewis and Clark country" in western Montana. So far, I find the reading easy and interesting.

Life of Pi was enjoyed by everyone who attended bookclub this past Sunday. Here is an interview with the author. I may re-read this book. There is a lot in there.

This weekend I started and finished the first book in The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning. I picked it up for cheap, just curious what the appeal is. Very clever, very fun. I can see how it appeals to the 10-14 age range. The description of the author cracked me up. I will copy it in here later. I look forward to reading more of these silly, terrible books.

Eating: We are somehow out of ground beef. We have worked our way through 70 pounds in about 2 years. Now we have to buy it at the store!! Yuck!
Anyway, no new recipes or tips here today.

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