Monday, May 12, 2003

Reading: Last night when I couldn't sleep, I finished a book I have had hanging around for a good 6 months. It was a bookclub selection in October maybe? and I hadn't finished it in time for bookclub because I hadn't been reading much that month. And then when I didn't finish it in time for the discussion, other things got in the way. The book, Wild Life by Molly Gloss, was interesting. It is a story of Charlotte Bridger Drummond, a feminist, single mother of 5, a writer and an adventure seeker at the turn of the last century. I enjoyed her musings on the writing process and some of her observations on marriage, family and men (though do not agree with them necessarily) but the story really picked up when she got lost. She had joined some rough lumberjacks in the search for a little girl and then she herself got lost in the woods. Starving nearly to death, cold, alone and without shoes, she is taken in by a group of Saskwatches (Bigfoot, not people from Saskatchewan). Among them, she reflects on wilderness and the "civilized" life of man. It is part feminist writings, part ecology commentary, part fairy tale. All very interesting and I am glad I finally finished it.

Eating: This was not a very adventurous eating/cooking weekend. I was kind of tired and lazy. We had take-out Chinese on Friday, leftovers on Saturday, frozen pizza Saturday night (too lazy to even make homemade pizza!) and then on Saturday, went out with my mom for lunch (Don Pablo's--I enjoyed the spinach enchilada but like Chevy's tacos better) and then to the in-laws for dinner.

I am thinking of adding a gardening section to this blog. We will see what I have to write about that.

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