Friday, May 23, 2003

Reading: I finished Life of Pi earlier this week. I liked it a lot and am glad we read it for bookclub. I think there will be some interesting discussion. I laughed and laughed, I was grossed out, I was awed at how he was surviving on this lifeboat with the 450 pound Bengal tiger, I was inspired by his perseverance and continued faith.

One particular funny moment had more to do with my memory skills than with the actual book. The reader is introduced early on in the book to the tiger, Richard Parker. Then the book goes on and we learn about how he became a Hindu with Christian and Islamic beliefs, and in general more about his life. Then, he is on the boat, crossing the ocean to get to Canada, when it sinks (I am not giving anything away--this you can learn from the blurb on the book). He is in the lifeboat and encouraging Richard Parker, who is in the water swimming, to get in the lifeboat too. Cheering Richard Parker on, throwing the lifebuoy to him, etc. and all of a sudden he realizes what he is doing and tries to whack Richard Parker on the head with an oar and then, when Richard Parker finally climbs aboard, Pi jumps off into the water. The reason this was so funny to me is that I forgot who Richard Parker was and mistakenly though him to be a classmate of Pi's, which made it very confusing when he started trying to hit him and yelling at him to stay away.

And yes, the tiger is ALWAYS referred to by his whole name, Richard Parker

Eating: This has not been a very exciting eating week. Nothing new.

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